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Arbitration and Litigation

When arbitration efforts are entrusted to Allied Recovery Solutions, it is our goal to significantly improve cash flow and arbitration win rates.


Allied Recovery Solutions handles all or part of your arbitration needs as an Applicant or Respondent, including:

  • Filing contentions
  • Monitoring hearing dates
  • Challenges of deferments
  • Amending of contentions

Our dedicated arbitration staff actively tracks the components of a successful contention and leverages these insights into repeatable submissions that improve win rates. We operate in all 50 states and directly represent our clients located in the New York and New Jersey region.

As an Applicant, we increase your collected to paid dollars. As a Respondent, we decrease your severity. It is our goal to achieve a higher settlement than the last offer and each member of our dedicated arbitration staff has past experience with arbitration.


Combined with our ability to provide arbitration services through our network of attorneys across the United States, Allied has the capability to fulfill all of your litigation needs as it pertains to recoveries. Litigation requires direct client approval in every case.

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